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We import and distribute the Segway i2 and Segway x2 models, including servicing and support on all Segway products.

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i2 SE PT

Rethink Whats possible

Increase productivity, save energy. The Segway PT’s impressive speed, range and maneuverability will transform your travels. Moving throughout large areas with ease. The Segway PT zips you from where you are to where you want to be. The amount of time and energy you’ll save by riding on a PT instead of walking the same route back and forth will make you more efficient and productive, not to mention it’s pretty fun too! Ask our specialists regarding customized packages for your PT, tailored to your business needs - we have the solution!

i2 SE PT

Take Back Your Most Valuable Asset…time. Hop On The I2 Se Personal Transporter (Pt), Increase Productivity, Save Energy And Have Some Fun.

The i2 SE’s Impressive Speed, Range And Maneuverability Will Transform Your Travels. Moving Throughout The Warehouse Floor Will Feel Less Like Work And More Like Play.

Commuting To Work Or Class? The i2 SE Zips You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be — No Sweat! Empower Yourself To Travel Indoors, Outside Or Just About Anywhere. The Compact Design, Zero Turn Radius And Zero Emissions Will Have You Wondering How You Ever Managed Without A PT.

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x2 SE PT

Go The Extra Mile

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) was designed with the intention of an efficient, eco-friendly way to get from Point A to B, mainly for people living and working in close proximity. Built on a state-of-the-art dynamic stabilization system, the PT is a self-balancing gem and is used the world over!

The Segway SE, with its charge anywhere technology, can be ridden practically anywhere you can walk – except up and down stairs, of course. It’s the ideal personal electric transporter for just about anyone who lives and works in the city, for the adventurer who wants to explore places or simply for those seeking attention and want to stand out above everyone else in a crowd, the Segway PT SE should have the #1 spot in your home parking!

x2 SE PT

Just Because The Pavement Ends, Doesn’t Mean The Fun Should. Fortunately For You, We’ve Got It Covered With The x2 SE Personal Transporter (PT).

Ready For An Adventure? Conquer Terrain From A Construction Site Or Manufacturing Campus To A Nature Trail Or Park. The Stability Offered By The x2 SE PT’s Wide Platform And Deep-tread Tires Can Handle The Challenge.

Trek Through The Dirt. Charge Through High Grass. Shred Trails. Spaces. The x2 SE Has The Power And Performance To Let You Play While You Work — Wherever You Are.


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Segway-Ninebot walks in the forefront of intelligent technology research and
development.With a focus on the areas of life and travel, the company has
brought surprising product experience and has become a benchmark for
future intelligent life and travel.


Segway-Ninebot is a creator of intelligent technology products. It combines
core technology research and development in order to bring subversive
breakthroughs both in life and travel.

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