Policies & Procedures

We endeavour to provide you with friendly, up to date technical assistance with all your queries. It is in our best interest to ensure that our customer's Segways are repaired timeously and Urban Mobility will keep you, the customer, updated at all times on the status.

We require that each and every person providing you with support on our Segway product, please be a Segway Certified Technician or alternatively, be supervised by an Authorised Segway Certified Technician. As you can well understand, this is to enforce a reasonable standard of support in the marketplace and to uphold our product and reputation. It is unfair to expect our Urban Mobility Support Team to take callls, address emails or any other support requests from individuals who have not been properly trained and certified - they often have to waste precious time addressing basic problems which the person should know as a Segway Technician.

When logging issues via email, please use the support@urbanmobility.co.za address. Our Team will respond to you with a Support request form, or alternatively, please complete this online.


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