Ninebot One Z10

Advanced vehicle, designed for real challengers!

Ninebot One Z10

Designed to fulfill your travel enthusiasm!


Ninebot One Z10 has the most advanced capacity of all Segway - Ninebot products. The strong 18-inch single wheel, together with the pneumatic 4.1-inch tire, not only enables you to travel in urban traffic, but also support you to have a real off-road experience - riding on packed dirt, flat pavement, slopes and bumps, Ninebot One Z10 will never let these small obstacles to limit your journey! The self-balancing system can help you to master this single wheel masterpiece. Ninebot One Z10 is designed to be a "road camel", which enables you to have a ride up to 90 km in one go. Wanna experience something cool and exciting? Ninebot One Z10 can easily speed up to 45km/h - let the wind blow! Rear located tail light and the front LED light assist you to have a safe trip. Get on your Ninebot One Z10 an dlet go on this adventure!


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Available from 25 June 2019